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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lewis Hamilton takes his first win with Mercedes at the Hungaroring

Lewis Hamilton takes his first win of the season, and with Mercedes-Benz after a rather dominant race at the Hungaroring (In Hungary, Where else would it be with a name like that!) Behind Hamilton a hard battle between Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus) and Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Infiniti) for 2nd waged with Kimi coming out on top no thanks to Jenson Button in the Mclaren. Here's a funny fact, Every time Hamilton has taken first place at the Hungaroring, Kimi has been 2nd. Read on for more

At the Beginning Hamilton battled with his quailfying rivals (Vettel and Grosjean) and as Vettel had a slow start Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg tried to join the party at the front. That ended in Felipe Massa's Ferrari pushing Rosberg off the track, Neither never really had a chance to recover, later in the race Rosberg's Mercedes caught fire and was retired..

Later in the race Hamilton came out of a crucial pit-stop and quickly passed Jenson Button's Mclaren, his biggest rival at the moment Vettel, got stuck behind the Mclaren for a few laps. During this slow period Grosjean's Lotus and Alonso's Ferrari a chance to close in on him. After a risky pass on the Mclaren, Vettel ended up damaging his front wing, He then battled the rest of the race with Kimi in the Lotus. By time all of this had happened Hamilton in the Mercedes took quite a large lead. The other Red Bull of Mark Webber wasn't finished yet though, through the pit stop sequences Webber occasionally would come out in front of Hamilton. After Webber having a bit of an off onto the run-off it was all Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton                                                            Mercedes